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Author Topic: Moving contents of a Lan to a Vlan  (Read 112 times)

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Moving contents of a Lan to a Vlan
« on: December 06, 2017, 06:12:53 am »

I have a dedicated U1 Server with 2 x 4 1Gb Nics.
I have now managed to get 2 ISPs 1 x Satellite and 1 x WiMax as I live in the mountains.
So I thought I would like to properly setup my system I have the necessary L2/L3 switches to compliment the setup.

Wan 1 - Satellite - Port 1-1 - Everything except IPTV, and failover
Lan 1 - Lagg - Port 1-2,3
DMZ - Port 1-4

Wan 2 - WiMax -Port 2-1 - Only for IPTV and failover
Lan 2 - Lagg - Port 2-2,3
Management Vlan - Port 2-4

Currently the WiMax Wan is on Port 1-1
and the Lan on Port 1-2 I would like to create a Vlan on Lan 1 Lagg to be the default lan and will need to migrate the current devices before I create further lans and re-ip the devices accordingly.

I saw somewhere on the forum a way of migrating a static lans contents to a vlan, but now cannot find it. Has anyone got a link to the howto or a guide on what I need to do.

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