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pfSense mailing list server breaks DKIM/SPF - proposed solution for mailman


I'm not really active on the mailing list, but recently i responded to an email.
After this message i got a crapload of messages from various mail providers that a message from the pfSense mailserver in the name of my domain was received which failed the DKIM and SPF checks.
(See attached example below)

I see that the mailman which is used for the list is version 2.1.22
According to there are some options to configure to solve this problem
I suppose the cleanest approach is the rewrite (munge) or alternatively wrap the message.

Worth a read:

Could someone which has the rights please do these config changes on the mailman?
Thanks :)


I will bring this up with our IT. Sorry for late response, this some got burred in noise. You can always PM me :)


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