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Author Topic: LAG and CAPR issue after a firewall restart  (Read 77 times)

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LAG and CAPR issue after a firewall restart
« on: December 27, 2017, 06:23:47 am »

We are experiencing some issue with PfSesne every time we reboot the firewall.

This is how our network looks like.

We have two AT switches in the stack and two PfSense firewalls (we bought original PfSense hardware ).
Three ISP are connected to two AT switches and through one port connected to WAN in the firewall.
On Firewall I have created LAGG_1 on igb1 and igb2 then I have created three VLAN's for three different ISP's and assigned these VLANs to LAGG_1, after that created three interfaces for three Internet connection (all of this you can see in attachment named "LAGG.png)
The same is done for LAN and all others VLAN's are assigned to LAGG_2.
Every time we restart firewall all VLANs are inactive and under CARP option all VLANs are displayed with a question mark (?).
To fix this I have to connect to LAN port directly to PfSense firewall and then open all VLANs and save them individually.
After that everything works fine.

This is happening just for VLAN that are assigned to LAGG 2 that is going through LAN interface.

Maybe I have missed something or It's a bug?