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QHotspot - Single line install tool for FreeRADIUS, MySQL, CaptivePortal, etc.

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Hi everyone.

I started to this project.

This project aims to set up a Hotspot panel powered by Laravel, MySQL, PDO, freeRADIUS3 on pfSense with a command and make necessary adjustments.

It also includes the control application of Unifi antennas as an extra.

My Blog Article (Turkish)

QHotspot Master BitBucket Repository (Under Construction and Need Help...)

QHotspot Ghost Branch BitBucket Repository - with Samet YILMAZ's Ghost Panel. (Finished)

QHotspot Ghost Branch Installation Tutorial Video

Thank you in advance for your support.

Nice! I am very interested...
do you think it will work as self-registration captive portal (like this
Thank you

Already at the moment of the registration process with the Republic of Turkey Identification Number can be created.

Registration can also be done with SMS, Email and Hotel room information.

Everything installed smoothly, but mysql-server do not start?

--- Code: ---Version 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)
--- End code ---

pls send your install log (qhotspot.log). located same folder


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