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prb of 1 voucher used by multiple users

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can you help me please i have install pfsense and even in 2.3 or the last ver 2.4.x when i activate vouchers
i saw that one voucher can be used by multiple users and i want to use one voucher for one device  and thanks

This one is checked ?

first thank  you a lot for replying me
because the solution it's very important for me

i will explain more :
even with a new installation and with the default website page of pfsense the prb happen
if i don't check the concurence :
-if i write a wrong voucher give me invalid code (it's ok)
-if i write a correct voucher it give me access to the internet (it's ok) but if i give the same voucher to another it give him access to the internet like all people can connect with one voucher

-if the concurrence checked
-i write the correct voucher it give me access to the internet and when i give it to another he can get connect but my device disconnect like the portal accept the last device connect with the voucher ( i make it as a temporary solution )

before someone help me because what i want is one voucher for every  device

Thus, checking

--- Quote ---Concurrent user logins
Disable Concurrent user logins If enabled only the most recent login per username will be active. Subsequent logins will cause machines previously logged in with the same username to be disconnected.

--- End quote ---
will do the job.

Explain to the users of your vouchers that they should consider voucher codes as credit cards - passports or very personal private info.
And guess what, they even do not really need to understand what you tell them : as soon as they communicate their voucher code to some one else, and the code is used by this other person, they will lose the usage of this voucher, and they are disconnected. Good for them, they shouldn't share vouchers. You can see what happens, btw, and 'punish' them (by not given a new voucher).

On the other hand, users (not kids, adults) often have more then one device. They can use the voucher code on one device, like a smartphone, and then on another device like a laptop. All this with one voucher - and only one device will be connected at all times.

Btw : what you want is locking the voucher code down to one device, and not have it muted to another device afterwards if it is used again on another device.
This is possible, and needs some rewriting here : /etc/inc/ - look for the function portal_allow(...). (completely non-supported of course  ;))

thanks for your help
but i can not force people to private their vouchers or to hide it
-by default pfsense don't accept this option ? ( to let two person access with the same voucher ) ?!!

- and what you want to mean by need some write in /etc/...... ( completely non-support ...) ?!!

because i need to activate one voucher for one device for one time and eney other device can't get connect with the same voucher


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