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Hello guys,

I have recently setup pfsense on an old server and it seems to be great. I got everything working at the minute however the only problem I seem to be facing right now is the HP printers.

My Wan is 192.168.5.XXX
My LAN is 192.168.1.XXX
My Wireless is 192.168.2.XXX

Problem seems to be that the wireless laptops won't connect to the wireless printer even though they are on the same subnet mask.

I have been able to set up a firewall rule that allows me to print from the LAN computers and that works fine, however anything on the same network range as the printer doesn't seem to want to print.

Can you please suggest a way around this?

I am rather new to networking so please can explain as best as possible.



Since they are on the same network no traffic passes thru pfSense. I suspect it is you client since you were able to print from the LAN.

Maybe internal client firewall?


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