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Author Topic: configuring VLANs and restarting led to megacrash sort of  (Read 1444 times)

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configuring VLANs and restarting led to megacrash sort of
« on: October 17, 2010, 09:36:16 am »
I'm somewhat baffled after having troubleshooted with pfs for quite some time now and would like to get some feedback if possible.

I had a working environment with 1.2.3-R, 3 NICs, dual WAN whereas one a VPN-tunnel as second gateway in use with policy routing.

I was planning on using VLANs and have a new HP 1700 switch that I was planning on using instead of my other.

So what I did was about the following:
. I added a number of VLANS in config, 1, 10, 11 etc
. same VLANs were added to switch
. I added a few interfaces
. moved LAN to a VLAN 10 etc
. VLAN's parent interface (a xl0 NIC) not assigned to any interface
. added a few FW rules to a few of the new interfaces, after having enabled them etc

After all of that was done I rebooted, switched cables and exchanged the switches.
And waited
And waited
And waited some more

I could reach the switch on its management VLAN, but that has nothing to do with pfS
After some time I went to the console to have a look..
..and then I was surprised.

The console was stuck in what almost seemed like a first install type of mode, asking if I wanted to "assign VLANs now or later" etc.

After having made some different testings I got to the webGUI (skipped a lot of stuff but not relevant here perhaps) and the GUI was all messed up, using one of the old GUI interfaces and a lot of stuff missing, the config seemed to have been virtually nulled in the process of rebooting.

So finally I uploaded my newly saved backed up config and restarted again, got some error at the end of the page, but rebooted a few more times and it seems I'm back on square one.

So, can someone tell me what happened? What did I do wrong? Isn't it supposed to be able to assign new interfaces using VLANs using the web GUI? What should I do to make the switch to VLANs work?


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Re: configuring VLANs and restarting led to megacrash sort of
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2010, 09:16:03 am »
Hard to say what might have happened. Might need to see a copy of the config from after configuring the VLANs and before rebooting, if there is any way to get it.
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