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I just installed pfSense in vmware to test it and I cannot reach the pfSense installation.

I have 2 VMWare NICs installed, the WAN, le0 is DHCP, and LAN le1 is  I can ping my other machines,,, 10.0.10.etc, but I cannot ping le0 or le1 in pfSense.  Firewalls on all machines are disabled and the gateway is set to on all machines.  I tried setting the gateway to just incase and that did nothing.  I have no proxies defined either.

Thanks in advance


In the filter log I see ICMP is being blocked, and I see 80 is also being blocked on, which is the WAN

984012 rule 14/0(match): block in on le0: > S 267661499:267661499(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK>

Trying the webgui on gets me nowhere, nothing comes up and nothing displays in the filter log

Looks like you have the same subnet at WAN and at LAN. This is a conflict. You need unique subnets.


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