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Author Topic: Wildcard DNS entries  (Read 5105 times)

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Wildcard DNS entries
« on: December 09, 2011, 09:47:56 am »
If you need a wildcard in your DNS forwarder (*

   1. Log in to pfSense 2.0 instance via the web interface.
   2. Go to Services-> DNS Forwarder (http://pfSensense_url/services_dnsmasq.php)
   3. Click the Advanced button Add as many of the following as you need, each entry on a new line.


Where dev is the end of the wildcard entry, and is the ip that these wildcard names will resolve to. Think of dev as *.dev, but only list the part after the dot. So,, and anything else that ends in .dev and is not defined elsewhere, will resolve to the ip provided.

So if you need *.com then the corresponding line will look like


Thank you Scott
-Tom Schaefer
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