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VMware patch for clock stopping issue with FreeBSD 8.x and 9.x clients


A VMware patch was just released to solve an issue reported among others at

PR887134: Timer stops in FreeBSD 8.x and 9.x as virtual hardware HPET main counter register fails to update due to comparison failure between signed and unsigned integer values.

I thought others here will find it helpful.

Thanks for the heads up, I posted it to the mailing list too since there have been a few threads on it there recently.

Looks like this patch is only for ESXi 5.0.

Is the new ESXi 5.1 release not affected by this bug?

I presume all those issues were fixed in 5.1 and back ported, since the KB doesn't list it as an affected version.

I never noticed the clock stopping, buit it was probably just cause I wasn't observant enough.

I wonder if this was related at all to my puzzling pfSense stability problems under ESXi 5.0.0 where the DHCP function would just stop working at random intervals.  Clients already assigned IP's would continue to work just fine nd data would be routed to them,  but new clients would not get IP's and not function at all.

It was a puzzling issue I never quite figured out.  In the process of reinstalling with 5.1 now, time will tell if the issue disappears.


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