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After power outage, settings not quite right - 2 bugs

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Hi all,

I am running pre2.1.1, and found the following bug:

After a power outage, I noticed my pfsense box didn't come back up properly. Dhcp wasn't working nor was the network bridge I had set up. I couldn't get back to the GUI so first tried a restore from backup at the console, but that didn't change anything, so did a default settings reset, followed by a restore from backup XML.

This seemed to fix the issue, however I lost my snort rules settings, despite flagging in the backup restore module that I wanted settings from packages stored.

Guessing there are two bugs here.


Not likely a 2.1.1 bug. Power outage might have caused some filesystem corruption but that's not something we can avoid in every possible case.

(dumb question) Would turning off write cache help?

Not a dumb question.
Yes it would help if you have write cache without battery :)

Well could it please be implemented as a gui option then? - because it could save a few people some issues.


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