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2.2.3 Snapshots Available

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2.2.3 snapshots are available.

The currently-open target 2.2.3 tickets are available here.

Resolved issues in 2.2.3 are available here.

Please help test and report your experiences and any problems here on the 2.2.3 board.

is there an auto-update url or only for manual update?

No auto-update.
It the GUI auto-update would install a "2.2.3 (xxx) HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL pfSense 2.2.3 developers tree" then all hell would break lose.
Its, as said experimental for 'experts-only'  ;)

Use one of the two Update Files sets to update your working 2.2.2 version to an experimental 2.2.3 version.

No auto-update URL for this round of snapshots. It would use the same URL as pre-2.2-RELEASE did, which we redirected to the stable updates so those using pre-2.2.0 snapshots would get the official release. If this were going to be a longer-term development cycle, we'd do something to accommodate that. This time around, you can use the manual update.

Can someone build a current 32-bit set of snapshots?


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