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Author Topic: Documenting Package System  (Read 49334 times)

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Re: Documenting Package System
« Reply #15 on: July 09, 2009, 09:30:10 am »
Adding my questions here, if some one know the answers to them pl reply.

  • what is  the meaning of logging along with facilityname and logfilename in manifest xml
  • What is the difference between config_file and configurationfile in manifest xml
I cannot tell you a clear answer to this i have to look at the code.

  • has package tag inside packages tab and ouside it. for example spamd comes inside packages tag,
    while pure-ftpd comes directly under pfsensepkgs. What's the difference?
Some packages are removed from that list to not be allowed to install iirc.

  • Which of the tags are mandatory for manifest xml
Only logging/descr is optional, while missing the others might break things.

  • Is the version tag in package xml the same as the one in manifest xml?

  • What types of file can be included via include_file ? (Only php or another xml file also?)
include_file is just for including a file that is needed and it need to be php files.

  • How is include_file different from additional_files_needed
additional_files is used during installation/syncing of package while include is for needed dependencies of php code.

  • When tabs are used what should be the format of externel xml files that are included?
XML the same as the xml file you use for one package.

  • How can I display the output of commands executed during installation to the output window?
There is a global variable $static_output to which you can add.

  • How can I make one pfSense package dependent on another pfSense package? For example havp package depends on clamav package, and that package needs to be installed and configured
Code: [Select]
Apparently this is not possible
    Its through additional_files_needed tag but i think it is not really finished or has some culprits to use.
    Basically you specify the xml files in that tag that are needed.